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Event Calendar

2017 IOGKF Connecticut Spring Shiai @ Robert E. Fitch Senior High School
Apr 8 @ 8:00 am – 7:00 pm

Groton Parks and Recreation

Organizer: Ralph Batty, Jr.

Chief Arbitrator: Sensei Chris deWet
Head official: Sensei Ralph Batty, Jr.

Events: IOGKF Kata, Adaptive Kata, Kobudo Blocker Sparring, Sanbon kumite, Irikumi ju/go, knockdown sparring

*All competitors must have a white dogi and the proper safety equipment to compete (punches, kicks, head gear for all competitors under the age of 13, mouth guard and an athletic supporter/ cup for male competitors)

*all gear and kobudo implements are subject to approval.

* Head gear with face shields are only allowed in the irikumi go division.
* body shields are not allowed

Download Schedule (PDF)